Friday, October 21, 2011

The Story of Link in the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time(Part 1)

The Main Cast
  • Link (main Character)(Kid or Adult Link)
  • Navi (Link's fairy partner)
  • Princess Zelda (The Princess of Hyrule Castle) (Kid or Adult Zelda) (When she is an Adult she can be Sheik)
  • Gandorf (King of the Gerudo Valley)(Evil King)

                                         The Beginning 
   (kid)Link has a dream about Princess Zelda being chased but he doesn't know that the girl is a princess yet she is being chased by Gandorf. Gandorf looks at him and Link wakes up. 
   The Kokiri are only the  people that look like kids forever. He lives in Kokiri Forest and he is the only kid there without a fairy.That changes after he wakes up. The fairy tells him that the Great Duku Tree summoned him.
    But Mido saying that you need a sword and shield to get to the Great Duku Tree. So Link buys a shield and goes  to a hole that leads to the sword but to get to the sword he has to dodge rolling boulders .Then Mido says that Link can go so he has to kill some Deku Baba before he reaches the Great Duku Tree.
    The Great Duku Tree says that he has to get rid of the evil inside of hie so he opens his mouth and Link enters. there is a giant spider web in the  Duku Great Duku tree.Link defeats a Deku scrub and gets a sling shot for it.he defeats baby giant spiders.then after that he goes through a door and the mom of the baby spiders is there and is really mad at him. It takes Link awhile to defeat the giant spider and the Great duku tree gives him a spiritual stone of courage. Link leaves Kokiri Forest and Saria a childhood friend gives him a fairy Ocarina.

                               The End   
                                                          For now.                           
                                                           Spiritual stone of Courage.

                                              Link with fairy ocarina.
                                          First boss
                                          Link's dream of Gandorf