Friday, September 2, 2011

sicence methodology

Original Procedures
1. gather materials.
2. make hypothesis.
3. label the cups (one A the other B).
4. cover the box with black construction paper but don't cover one of the open end .
5. make sure that the beans are the same mass and shape.
6. cover one of the beans with paper towel and place it into cup A then fill it with about 30 ml of water and place it where sunlight hits.
7. repeat step 6 with the second bean and cup A but this time put the box over cup. A.
8.record the process of the beans growth every day besides Saturday and Sunday and water them every other day besides Saturday and Sunday.
9. once the bean 1 roots are about 3/4 of an inch take the paper towel,bean's roots and the bean out of of the cup.
10. carefully remove bean 1 with its roots from the paper towel and dump the the contents of cup A and place some soil in the cup then rewater plant A.
11. repeat step 10 and 9 on bean 2 and cup B then place the plant B then place it back under the box.
12. keep doing step 8 until the last day of the experiment then review data.

new procedures
1. gather materials.
2. make hypothesis.
3. put on safety equipment.
4. label the cups (one A the other B).
5. put 100 grams of soil into the cups.
6. make a small hole in the soil in the cups .
7. put the beans in each cup and cover it up with soil you dug from.
8. water the beans every day with 10 ml of water.
9. cover 5 side of the box with the black construction paper (leave a side that can open alone) and tape the construction paper so it will stay on then leave the box alone for now .
10. record every day.
11. measure plant every day after it starts to grow.
12. Once plant b stars to grow put it under the box.
13. record how much it grows every day.
14. review data.
15. take home after the project is done.
reflection. I learned that you have to be specific about your instruction or people will miss understand you.

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